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If Soldiers Did Not Sacrifice
BY Brad Fry

If soldiers did not sacrifice
the blood within their veins
if true loves were not left at home
to never see again
If armies were not marshaled
to meet an evil foe
Then right would lose and wrong would win
our freedom then would go
If men and women, black and white
and every other hue
did not put on the uniform
and to their pledge be true
To defend the Constitution
bear allegiance to the same
and live their lives with honor
not causing any shame
Then terror would continue
of that you can be sure
and all that seems so certain
would be so insecure
We take our lives for granted
we're use to all our rights
We work our jobs, we kiss our kids
then sleep comfortably at night
The things we count so precious
would scarcely remain
If soldiers did not sacrifice
the blood within their veins

Sent in by Dee M.

I wish I could see you one more time
Come walking through my door
But I know that is impossible
I will hear your voice no more
I know you can feel my tears
And don't want me to cry
Yet my heart is broken
Because I can't understand why
Someone so precious had to die
I pray that God will give me the strength
And somehow get me through
As I struggle through this heart ache
That was caused by losing you

Sent in by Donna H.

SPC. Richard Hubbell SPC. Cody Grater SSGT. Michael Schafer SPC. Justin Coleman SPC. Jason M. Walker
FMF. Matthew Conte SSGT. Joshua Hagar SPC. Robert Allen SSGT. Adam Dickmyer 2/7/82 - 8/28/07 PFC. Bruce Carter CPT. Glen Adams Sgt. David LaDart SGT. Patrick Tainsh                                SSG. Mathew S. Sitton                                                     

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