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Please take a moment to listen and watch "Angel Flight" shared with us by Dee Mills

As I sit in Heaven
And watch you everyday
I try to let you know with signs
I never went away
I hear you when you're laughing
And watch you when you sleep
I even place my arms around you
To calm you as you weep
I see you wish the days away
Begging to have me home
So I try to send you signs
So you know you're not alone
Don't feel guilty that you have
Life that was denied to me
Heaven is truly beautiful
Just you wait and see
So live your life, laugh again
Enjoy yourself, be free
Then I know with every breath you take
You'll be taking one for me

Sent in by Toni G.

"A Mother's Tear"

By Jodi

A mother's tear rolls down your cheek For the unthinkable has left you weak

Wondering how could it be? Saying it should've been me

Victim of an amputee But lost more than just a knee

Asking God why? Saying you didn't even get to say goodbye

Trying to understand his reasons Has left you missing the seasons

But God didn't mean to make you sad He actually tried to make you glad

Born into this world of sin and crime Called up by one when it's our time

Now if you think Bill Gates is rich Just wait until you see Heaven's niche

I can't imagine your pain But please try to stay sane

Keep your head up and stay strong Because trusting in the Lord has never been wrong.

Sent in by Cathy S.

"To A Gold Star Mother"

There's a land
Where the birds are singing
And the skies are always blue,
On the other side of the rainbow
Where your soldier waits for you.
Safe at last from the sins of mankind
And the ravages of war
On the other side of the rainbow
Is the child that you adore.
In their eyes is the light of heaven
On their face is the same loved smile
On the other side of the rainbow
Where they'll greet you in a while.

In memory of all your Fallen Heroes,
On behalf of the Blue Star Mother's of America, Inc.
SGT. David A. Croft Lance Corperal William David Frantz SGT. PFC. Travis Dowd 7/1/84 - 4/28/06 Gunnery SGT. Aaron M. Kenefick
PFC. Paul Cuzzupe II 1/20/91 - 12/13/11 1/27/83 - 7/19/10 2/1/89 - 9/20/09 2/26/81 - 8/26/04 1st LT. Dimitri dell Castillo 3/26/80 - 6/26/06 SPC. Raheen T. Heighter 6/14/60 - 5/19/03                                8/19/85 - 7/16/11

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